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Training your dog is one of the most important tasks any dog owner can accomplish. Investing in a quality dog training lead is essential to achieving obedience-training success. Many experienced dog owners have a dog training lead in their collection of leashes. A 30 foot dog training lead is the best leash to have when teaching basic commands like “come” and “heel.” When teaching the “come” command, move your dog into a small room in the house with little to no distractions. With their training collar on, allow your dog to become comfortable with the space. Try saying the word come, the first few times you say the command your dog will most likely come right to you. The first time you dog doesn’t follow the command slowly walk over and attach the dog training lead. Repeat the command while giving a light tug on the training lead pulling your dog toward you. Click here to read more on dog obedience training.

Need to keep your dog right where you want him. We have hundreds of dog tie-outs and dog stakes to choose from. Whether you are looking for dog tie-out cable, chain tie-outs or nylon we have the solution. If your dog loves to stay outside than having a dog stake can keep them in your yard and out of trouble and safe. Having an outside event and want to allow your dog to join the party without bothering your non-pet owner guests then a dog stack is perfect. Choose from screw-down dog stakes, roam dog stacks, tie-out cable you have come to the right place. We have a range of dog tie-outs and stakes brought to you at the lowest prices and delivered to your front door.

We have designer dog leashes, leather dog leashes, retractable dog leashes Leather Braided dog leashes, nylon leads, adjustable dog leashes, reflective leads, hands-free dog leashes, bicycle dog leash, and many more! There are also specialty leashes for easy & safe walking that address training issues like pulling and lunging. Having a dog leash is the most important purchases you will make. 25 foot training leads will help with several different training lessons. Most pet owners will have two or three different types of dog leashes in their collection. Perhaps a nice leather dog leash for walking, or a bicycle dog leash while riding, a 25ft training lead for obedience lessons, and a martingale leash for show or that quick run to the dog park. With so many choices of to make the process can be confusing. Let us help answer some questions by reading our article on dog leash at “Dog Leash Types What Should You Have.” In this article you will find the answers to questions such as “What is the best choice for a training lead,” “Why do I need more than one dog leash?” and many more. Whatever your needs are we have the widest selection of pet leashes at discount prices and most reliable shipping – delivered right to your door.

Dog harness are the perfect solution to dog collars for walking your dog. No-pull dog harnesses are great for that seemingly uncontrollable dog that pull and tugs talking you for a walk instead of the other way around. A nylon dog harness and some soft dog harnesses can double as a dog car safety harness while traveling with your dog; excellent for keeping your dog in the car instead jumping out when you arrive at the final destination. Want to add a style to your dog harness then how about a leather dog harness or a Puppia dog harness. Worried about sensitive skin and your dog chewing through his or her dog harness, a Puppia Soft Dog Harness is a great product. These harnesses have rave reviews from buyers on solving this problem. Are you in need of a dog sledding harness for sledding this winter? In this section you will all the dog harnesses you need so take your time.

We understand the importance a quality dog collar can provide for both you and your dog. Safety collars will give you peace of mind as the reflective dog collar stands out at night giving you both extra protection. Looking for dog training collars then come to the right place. Outfitting your dog with the right dog training collar is essential to successful training which is why we have an extensive collection of dog training collars available. Read more information on the function and correct placement of dog collars by reading “Dog Collars-Function Equals Goals.” This extensive article provides you with more information about choosing the right collar for goal you are trying to accomplish. Whether that goal is simply walking with your dog or training using an electronic dog training collar you will find the answers. We have Cute dog collars and designer dog collars for your small show dogs. If you prefer the tough dog look, you may browse through our selection of Leather dog collars or personalized dog collars. We are sure to have the dog collar you are looking for, if you need martingale training dog collar, dog choke collars or dog bark collars, you have come to the right place. Be sure to browse our entire selection, you will find many designer dog collars such as Lighted dog collars and electronic dog collars. We have the widest selection of dog collars at the lowest prices and most reliable shipping – delivered right to your door.

Every dog has a collar, in this section you will find dog collar accessories to dress up your dogs’ collar. Start with some dog charms that are more jewelry then charms. From sterling silver dog charms and gold dog charms, you will find the right collar adornment for you and your dog. Looking for custom dog charms then you will find dog charms not available in any pet store. Dog tag charms are a necessary item to have for any dog owner. These dog tag charms could save your dog’s life if they ever get out of the yard and decide to take themselves for a walk.

We offer the largest and best selections of Wire Basket Dog Muzzle, Flat Face Dog Muzzle, Plastic dog muzzles,wire Baskets dog muzzles, Leather dog muzzle. If you need a leather dog muzzles they are great for your dog and are also very practical for training, traveling, and visiting the vet. We have dog muzzles for all breeds of dogs. For dog owners and professionals alike we have what you’re looking for at the lowest prices delivered to your door from the nation’s most reliable shipper.

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