The Daily Wag at Remarkable Dogs

Dog parks are a great way to allow your dog to socialize with other dogs. Letting your dog interact with other dogs under your supervision is very helpful in taming your dog’s wariness towards other dogs that he may meet while walking. Allowing him to get used to meeting strange dogs in a setting that you control will alleviate his anxiety about meeting new dogs.

Always keep an eye on your dog at the dog park. Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by chatting with other owners. By the time you realize what your dog is doing, it may already be too late to stop a fight from breaking out.

Keep a calm demeanor while introducing your dog to other dogs, even if you are nervous about what will happen. Your dog will naturally pick up on your calmness, helping to reduce his anxiety level. It can be stressful letting your dog interact with other dogs when you don’t know if the other dog has aggression problems, or if you know or suspect your own dog tends to be aggressive towards other dogs. Showing tension via your body language will just cause your dog to be tense in kind. Keeping calm will help your dog understand that meeting new dogs can be a positive experience and that he doesn’t have to be on his guard all the time.

Select a dog park that attracts courteous owners. If other owners don’t pick up after their dogs, don’t watch their dogs while they’re at the park, or don’t have well-behaved dogs, you should consider going to another dog park where the crowd is more conducive to socializing your dog. Neglectful owners are more likely to ignore the behavioral issues their dogs have, which will make going to that dog park more dangerous for your dog.

Go to the dog park at a time when it isn’t especially crowded, especially when you are first taking your dog to the dog park. If there are too many dogs around or too many humans around, your dog may become overwhelmed by all the new sights and smells. Taking him at a time when there are less people and fewer dogs at the dog park will allow him to get more used to the idea of socializing with other dogs at a slower pace. Another bad sign is if there are many more dogs there than there are people, as this means that owners may be distracted and not able to carefully watch all of their dogs. This will lead to an increased chance of fights and other negative incidents for your dog.

If you think that a dog fight may be brewing, quickly distract your dog as much as possible. You may consider bringing a loud whistle in order to momentarily distract your dog so that you can get his attention and take it off the other dog. What sometimes seems like it could end in a fight to humans is perfectly fine for dogs, so you should take some care in deciding whether or not to break things up.Article provided by Crissi Perry of Oh My Dog Supplies, search for current discounts on dog fetch toys online.